Marriage Counseling!?!

This is the first week of a new chapter in my life. I’m going in to this one extremely optimisticly, taking the role as Student and Listener. I am taking full responsiblity for the beggining, outcome, and everthing in between. So far I have found out that there are a few things that must immedietley change and some that must be “Narrowed.” The “B” word must go. The “D” word must go. I’m using this blog as a Mirror. Our marriage needs lots of healing, and I will be writing about that journey. I pray for Power, Grace, and Forgiveness.


Marriage Trouble?

So I am just not getting this. I can think of a million reasons why I am not but unfortunately that doesn’t help me very much, what can I do? Since when did marriage mean when I do something the other person doesn’t like then we can talk to each other any way we want. If I don’t feel like going somewhere but the other person wants to is that a fight? If I leave a plate in the sink is that a fight? Is marriage my way or the highway, changing one another, or accepting each other? I volunteer at my church on average about 350 weeks out of the year but this morning I was called ridiculous and told that I better not be getting into a routine of not going, nevermind 350 weeks prior, now two weeks later I am a Liar, ridiculous, and a few other things under her breath. Is coming to any adult with an angry tone justified in this situation? As I am told I just don’t get it and maybe never will. With that said marriage is tough and I have so much respect for all those in it and doing it! I just wish we could all respect each other as adults, and not get mad at each other when one of us doesn’t do what the other wants, within reason of course.

Finding whatever you want, when you want it

I have no idea how people got through the daily grind without the internet. I truly believe that I might have not made it back then. I have spent most of my life with little to no guidance, and where I may have never been able to figure something out my computer was there to give me the answers. Life throws us a lot of curve balls and if you don’t figure out how to bat you will certainly strike out. My personal experience with finding what I want when I want has ranged from everything small like learning to tie a tie before your wedding day to something mild like your water heater going out in the middle of the night. For me searching the web has become not only a way to find out things that are interesting to me but it has become a survival trait.
This link touches on a little of what I am most interesting in finding. I searched far and wide and the few topics people discuss about are how the web helps them find music and stay in contact with friends and family.

I am surprised at the fact that I did not find more comments out there that were more like; Instead of calling the plumber I googled clogged drain, or my daughter put a whole in the wall how to repair it? I am not saying that the topics are not out there, I’m just saying there are not a lot of people talking about using the internet in that way.

Personal Learning Environment
” It goes on to assert that this is a major challenge to the future of education systems and institutions which are in danger of becoming irrelevant to the ways in which young people live and create and share ideas and knowledge.”
That is a very bold statement which in a way puts everybody everywhere on an even playing field. For the first time in history money no longer dictates intellectual classes. Poor and rich a like pretty much have the same opportunities for learning. Now the question is not how much money do you have? But how much do you want to learn. This is very very exciting!

Any concerns about Web 2.0? Maybe free spirits can more easily embrace the technological industries gifts without question. It seems to me that those who are more concerned with security issues happen to be the ones who have more to secure. Coincidence? It makes since that the more information you have equals the more information that could be stolen. But my question is, are the people that are worried about a security breach at more of a risk than the free spirited instant users of Web 2.0?

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